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Diversity and Inclusion Grant Program

We as organizers understand that the best ideas come from collaborating with individuals with backgrounds and experiences different from our own. Our commitment to fostering diversity stems from our dedication to the InfoSec community, to assist the future leaders and great ideas that are only possible when multiple experiences are considered.

Locomocosec is all about “you can sit with us”. It is a meeting of diverse professionals at all levels, including those seeking to begin their careers. We want to create a positive environment where inspiring discussions take place. Where ideas can be shared and participants can feel at ease, safe and listened to.

Application Form -

LocoMocoSec, in partnership with Project Alloy, is delighted to offer full training bursaries for 2020. These will include flights, hotel accommodation, and training costs. Some meals will also be covered during the conference and training days.

We invite applications from everyone, there is no age limit or minimum experience requirement. LocoMocoSec aims to be an inclusive and welcoming event for everyone no matter what identity, disability or ethnicity. We have created this program because we strongly believe that everyone should be welcome and we want to offer an exciting opportunity to some people who may not otherwise have such an advantage. Please use the “About Me” section to tell us your motivations and what you hope to achieve from attending. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Deadline for submissions: Jan 10 11:59:59 UTC

Criteria for selecting the “best fitting” candidates

  • Shows a genuine interest in information/web/product security or just defending users of technology
  • Provides a thoughtful response to application prompt (i.e. includes recent events in news, includes context for ideas)
  • Shares an understanding of what they can provide to LocoMocoSec and likewise of how they could also benefit
  • Represents an underrepresented demographic or background