From Developer To Hacker: Teaching Developers to Assess Risk

We turn to DevOps for speed. We turn to Cloud for flexibility. We adopt faster, leaner, more collaborative processes to drive change. And then? We turn to information security for protection. But can we secure the technology without slowing the pace? Absolutely. This training will share stories of how teams can and provide hands-on exercises for evaluating and improving a security program. We’ll learn ways of assessing a development program, quickly, at the speed of development. Tricks and methods will be presented for introducing changes slowly but steadily. The session will delve security activities, like threat modeling, architectural reviews, and secure code reviews. We’ll also square off with the ultimate measure of our applications: penetration tests and security incidents. This training is appropriate for everyone responsible for application development and seeking to learn how to secure without slowing.

Level Up Your Leadership: Builders and Breakers becoming Leaders

Leading security development teams? It’s hard, right? We ask them to go left, and they go right. We need them to apply a patch, code a change, or configure a secure setting. And they don’t, or won’t, or worse yet say it’s done when it’s not. People are hard. Level Up Your Leadership is a 4-hour training designed to make it easier. The session will equip you with the tools and hacks needed to become more effective at getting people to get things done. We discuss coaching essentials, giving and receiving feedback, emotional intelligence, empathy in the workplace, and professional presence. Once the hacks and tools are covered, we’ll have opportunities to practice these skills with peers. Hands on, while hands off. If nothing else, come for the anecdotes and war stories, humor and learning. It’ll be a good time. This training is appropriate for individuals currently in leadership roles as well as those who aspire to move into leadership in the future.

J. Wolfgang Göerlich

J. Wolfgang Göerlich

Influential leader and cyber security executive with the ability to act as a cultural change agent, drive security initiatives, and raise security postures. Leverages background in systems engineering, software development, and information security. Results-driven and focused on execution.

Specialties: Security architecture; Security operations; Enterprise security; Information security; Information security programs; Information risk; Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC); Security audits; Application security; Secure development lifecycle; Continuity planning; Disaster recovery;